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E. Rojas

 I have worked with Juan Gonzalez on real estate needs, commission collections, custody and child support cases and very satisfied with each outcome. I highly recommend Mr. Gonzalez for your legal needs 


 A very good person and attorney. He took the time to hear about my case and even allowed me to make payment arrangements! No one else wanted to do that for me. Thank you so much Mr. Gonzalez!!! 


 Excellent.  Attorney Gonzalez is a excellent person. He is very professional and he fights for you. He helped me with my divorce and I could not be more grateful. He would keep me informed on my case and he took his time to help me. He also helped me fight a restraining order. He went above and beyond, in a timely manner to gather the evidence, and show it in court. 

Success Stories

Child Custody

In a very contentious custody case that went to a jury trial, I successfully obtained custody for my client, the child's father.  Despite the bitter proceedings, I attempted, and I believe succeeded, in preserving goodwill between the parents despite the difficult case.

Reinstatement with backpay

In a case of federal employee wrongful termination due to discrimination, I was able to successfully pursue an EEO administrative proceeding and reinstate my client to his management position with back pay and attorneys fees recovered.

Federal Litigation

In a federal criminal case that went to jury, I was able to successfully obtain an acquittal for my client on a charge of witness tampering and related charges.